The Years That The Locust Hath Eaten

by Marjorie Quinn






Marjorie Quinn was one of the founding members of the Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW), which was formed in 1928. Her contact with the leading lights of Australian literature came through her uncle, the well known poet Roderic Quinn, and her father, P E Quinn, who was a journalist, author and NSW parliamentarian in the early days after Federation.


She wrote poetry and prose in Australia, San Francisco and Hollywood for the next forty years, and in the 1960s, crippled by arthritis, embarked on her memoirs, titled The Years That The Locust Hath Eaten, with funding from a Commonwealth Literary Fund grant. After decades languishing as an unpublished manuscript, it will be available in December 2011 from Australian Scholarly Publishing. Purchase a copy here.


The memoirs reveal a new insight into the era of Henry Lawson, Mary Gilmore, Norman Lindsay and Miles Franklin.


Read some samples of Marjorie Quinn's work and stories from the Memoirs.


The previously unknown memoirs of Marjorie Quinn were found by her family in a back shed clean up after the death of Marjorie’s cousin Noreen Quinn, who meticulously transcribed her dictation and typed up a carbon copied manuscript. Deborah McMahon, and her sister Kathryn Berryman found the manuscript and took on the project of restoring, editing and publishing this important chronicle of Australian literary history.




Deborah and Kathryn (pictured) write in the Foreword to the book:


… Now, it is a precious project to us.  Our mother Eileen Berman, is the youngest and last living member from that generation of Irish Australians.   She is now 88 years old and we had often been told as children some of the stories that we have seen come to life in Marjorie’s manuscript.  It is all the more important to us because the manuscript was found accidentally and rescued from a pile of boxes earmarked for the ‘Tip,’ when the house of our Aunts was being cleared out.  The papers were stored at the back of the garage in old water-damaged cardboard boxes.  This manuscript was begging to be published!






The FAW newsletter, Writers Voice, recently reviewed the Memoirs, which will be officially launched in December 2011.





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